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BK3 Theory of natural science

mandatory common course

intensive course

Uddannelse Den naturvidenskabelige bacheloruddannelse / Den Internationale Naturvidenskabelige Bacheloruddannelse
Hjemmeside www.ruc.dk/om-universitetet/organisation/regelsamling/uddannelse/ / Http://www.ruc.dk/uddannelse/bachelor/optagelse-bachelor/adgangskrav/fag-med-yderligere-adgangskrav/
Kursustype Obligatorisk kursus
Undervisningssprog English

Through STADS selfservice from 1st May to 15th May : Link to STADS selfservice Questions regarding registration can be directed to INM-bach@ruc.dk

Kursus starter 05-09-2016
Kursus slutter 18-11-2016

Week 36: Monday 10.15-12.00,Thursday 8.15-10.00 and Friday 15.15-17.00

Week 37: Wednesday 8.15-10.00

Week 38: Friday 15.15-17.00

Week 39: Tuesday 8.15-10.00

Week 40, 41, 43.44,45 Friday 10.15-12.00

Week 42: Wednesday 15.15-17.00


Studiesal 11.1-047


§18 (9) CURRICULUM FOR THE BACHELOR STUDY PROGRAMME IN NATURAL SCIENCES The objectives of the course are to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of: • aspects of the natural sciences seen from the perspective of the theory of science, • philosophical, historical, didactical and ethical aspects of natural science, as well as students’ skills to • select and apply relevant literature, including literature on the theory of science and original science literature, • describe a science area or problem in a way that allows its analysis and reflection in the context of the theory of science, and • to present his/her investigations of and reflections on natural science and its role and function in education, research and application.


The main structure of the course is study and analysis of a number of themes from philosophy and science studies with corresponding cases. The content includes traditional positions within philosophy of science, such as logical positivism, Kuhn's theory of scientific revolutions and Popper's falsificationism, as well as core notions such as pseudo science, empirism, realism, objectivity, truth, reality and ethics.


Lectures, plenary discussions, group work and reports.


According to the course teacher: At the assessment of the fulfillment of the objective, the focus is on 1. active end commited participation 2. analytical skills 3. ability to see the natural sciences from a philosophical and science studies perspective.


Six group assignments submitted on time and approved along with an individual written test with short questions mainly multiple choice. The written test is without aids. It’s possible to submit group assignments again, however that will include an extra exercise to be answered.




18.11 12-13


30.1 10-11


All courses include formative evaluation during the course based on dialogue between the students and the teacher(s). All courses are also evaluated through a questionnaire in SurveyXact and oral evaluation at the end of the course. The Study Board will handle all evaluations along with any comments from the course responsible teacher.


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Undervisningsansvarlig Martin Niss (maniss@ruc.dk )
Torben Braüner (torben@ruc.dk )
Hans Ramløv (hr@ruc.dk )
Kursussekretær Bachelorsekretariatet på INM (inm-bach@ruc.dk )
Underviser Martin Niss (maniss@ruc.dk )
Torben Braüner (torben@ruc.dk )
Hans Ramløv (hr@ruc.dk )
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Belastning : 5 ECTS Aktivitetskode : U24762
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