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Digital Objects and Philosophy of Technology

uddannelse ph.d.
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Kursus starter 11-10-2016
Kursus slutter 11-10-2016
Ekstern underviser

Yuk Hui is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media in Leuphana University in Germany.




10-12 Lecture by Yuk Hui: On the Existence of Digital Objects

In this lecture, Yuk Hui will present his recent book On the Existence of Digital Objects (University of Minnesota Press, 2016), in which he proposed a relational model to approach the individualization and individuation of digital objects. To elaborate on this subject, Yuk Hui provides a new interpretation of Martin Heidegger’s concept of ready-to-hand and Gilbert Simondon’s concept of concretization, at the same time he creates a dialogue between both thinkers and contextualizes it within the history of computing.

“The object of this remarkable, groundbreaking book is as elegant as it is profound—to provide us with a radically objective account of the digital objects that populate our world, both on- and offline. On the Existence of Digital Objects is a truly innovative and philosophically grounded ‘object oriented ontology’ that is designed for and can scale to the increasingly complex orders of magnitude confronted in the twenty-first century.” —David J. Gunkel, author of The Machine Question

13-16 Ph.D.-Workshop with Yuk Hui: Introduction to key concepts in Bernard Stiegler’s philosophy of technology

This workshop is an introduction to the thought of the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler, whose work on technics has been important contributions to the contemporary philosophical and political debates. This workshop will be centered on his concept of tertiary retention, and his critique of political economy and more recently the anthropocene.


The course is free for PhD students from Roskilde University and PhD students entrolled in the network of Danish PhD programs within humanities. The fee for other PhD students is 1200 DKK.


The workshop includes texts to be read and occasions to relate to doctoral student’s work.

Ansvarlig Anne Elisabeth Sejten (sejten@ruc.dk )