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Project-oriented Internship: The Firm's Resources, Value Creation and Innovation and/or Strategic Management, Responsibility and Legitimacy (Business Studies)

Business studies / Business Administration and Leadership
Teaching language

You register for activities through stads selvbetjening during the announced registration period, which you can see on the Study administration homepage.

Detailed description of content

The student accomplishes a contract (see intranet) which needs to be approved by the organization that hosts the internship as well as by the Head of Study and the study board.

The internship project is another way of collecting data and learning. The internship project is an academic project within the theme of the semester (according to ordinary projects).

The students write the internship project individually.

Project process

The project-supporting courses are either The Firm's Resources and Value Creation (10 ects) or Strategic Management, Corporate Responsibility, and Legitimacy (10 ects). The student also elects a thematic seminar (5 ects).

The student conducts the internship according to the contract (15 ects).

Expected work effort (ects-declaration)

50% of the workload in a semester = 15 ects. This is 410 hours including exam

Course material and reading list

The project literature is selected by the student.

Evaluation- and feedback forms

It is expected that:

  • it is the student who contacts the supervisor

  • the student from the beginning aligns expectations with the supervisor.

  • Mid-term, as well as final evaluation, are conducted orally with the supervisor

  • also, a survey-based semester evaluation is carried out

Head of studies/academic coordinator
Margit Neisig (neisig@ruc.dk)
Administration of exams
ISE Studieadministration (ise-studieadministration@ruc.dk)
Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Knowledge and understanding:

About the company's concrete resources, value creation and innovation and/or Strategic Management, Responsibility and Legitimacy

  • Skills:

    In combining theoretical and practical business studies involving external frameworks and internal conditions related to the company’s action

  • Completing, documenting and presenting problem-oriented analyses and analysis results

  • In describing and reflecting on a practice-oriented and independently performed work

  • Competences:

    Critically formulating and evaluating companies’ development processes and management types and their financial and social organisation

  • To formulate clear problem-oriented considerations and demonstrate a confident methodological understanding

  • To independently reflect theoretically and practically at a high academic level in relation to the functions and tasks of the student in the company/organisation

Overall content

The aim of the internship is for the student to acquire professional insights and proficiency in working with methodological and theoretical issues in Business

Management and Leadership and to gain professional competences in relation to concrete work tasks in a private or public company, organisation or association. The objectives are met by the student preparing an internship project that is to demonstrate the ability to work independently in a scientific manner with Business Management and Leadership and to reflect on the theory and methodology in relation to the job that the student has had in the company/organisation. In the project report, the students must describe and document the academically relevant elements of the research questions and work tasks they have been working with and reflect upon the practices that have been learned in the field, what they have learned professionally/academically and the relationship between practice and theory within the field.

Prerequisites for participation
Currently no data from curriculum.
Prerequisites for participation in the exam
Currently no data from curriculum.
Teaching and working methods

An internship’s scope is:

  • At most 400 hours, including both the internship itself and the internship project report
  • A preparation of an internship project report aiming to allow the students to demonstrate how they can reflect upon their own internship in the company/organisation and what qualifications they have used in the process. The report must be used to discuss the experience the students have gained during their internship - as opposed to working abstractly and analytically with similar research questions during their studies. The project report must refer to the relevant semester’s overall academic subject area.

The internship must be approved by the board of studies. Before the start of the internship, the student must apply for pre-approval of the company/organisation where they will be interning. When processing the application, the Board of Studies must ensure that the students will gain professional competences from the project-oriented internship which, in terms of scope and level, match the competences that could be gained from the ordinary study programme. If the application is approved, the Head of Studies will assign a supervisor. The students will be offered supervision during the internship.

Type of activity

Project-oriented Internship

Form of examination
Oral exam based on the internship project report and additional material, if any.

The exam begins with a presentation based on the report. The presentation may last up to 3 minutes
The presentation is followed by a dialogue between the student and the assessors on the basis of the internship project report.
There may be posed questions within the main area(s) of the internship report.

The character limit of the internship report is: 60,000-122,400 characters, including spaces.
The character limits include the cover, table of contents, bibliography, figures and other illustrations, but exclude any appendices.

Time allowed for exam including time used for assessment: 30 minutes.

The assessment is an assessment of the report and the oral performance.
Spelling and communication skills in the report are part of the assessment.

Permitted support and preparation materials for the oral exam: All.

Assessment: 7-point grading scale.
Moderation: Internal co-assessor.
Form of Re-examination
Samme som ordinær eksamen
Exam code(s)
Exam code(s) : U41444
Last changed 03/05/2021

lecture list:

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Monday 20-12-2021 10:00 - 20-12-2021 10:00 in week 51
Project-oriented Internship: The Firm's Resources, Value Creation and Innovation and/or Strategic Management, Responsibility and Legitimacy - Hand-in (BAL, BS)

Monday 03-01-2022 08:15 - Monday 31-01-2022 18:15 in week 01 to week 05
Project-oriented Internship: The Firm's Resources, Value Creation and Innovation and/or Strategic Management, Responsibility and Legitimacy - Oral exam (BAL, BS)

Tuesday 01-02-2022 08:15 - Monday 28-02-2022 18:15 in week 05 to week 09
Project-oriented Internship: The Firm's Resources, Value Creation and Innovation and/or Strategic Management, Responsibility and Legitimacy - Oral reexam (BAL, BS)