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Recommended study plan

Media and Communication
Anbefalet studieforløb

1st semester

  • Digital Media Theory (course, 10 ECTS)
  • Mixed Methods in Media and Communication Research (course, 10 ECTS)
  • Media Platforms and Communication Practices (project, 10 ECTS)

2nd semester

Students can choose between the following subject areas (profiles):

  • Corporate Communication
  • Global Communication

Corporate Communication

  • Communication Strategy and Management (course, 10 ECTS)
  • Corporate Communication: Reputation and Stakeholders (project, 20 ECTS)

Global Communication

  • Communicating Diversity and Inclusion (course, 10 ECTS)
  • Global Communication: Equity and Ethics (project, 20 ECTS)

3rd semester

  • Project-oriented Internship (30 ECTS) or
  • Elective courses (3 x 10 ECTS)
    • Visual Communication and Digital Culture
    • Trends in Digital Media and Communication theory
    • Cross Media Communication and Design
    • Audience, target group and data analysis: from segmentation to big data

The student can choose to take elective courses at Roskilde University, at other Danish universities, or during a study exchange at a foreign university.

4th semester

  • Master Thesis (30 ECTS)
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